Video Advertising and Monetization

Serving your video assets to your target audience, inducing actions, and delivering measurable results.

We implement cross-device solutions to maximize your reach:

Our platform supports both direct and programmatic buys, making the whole process fully transparent and customizable.

Programmatic Solution

The engine constantly aggregates performance data from every single unit in the system and uses algorithms based on years of optimization to maximize your campaign's efficiency.


Direct worldwide supply and demand with an open list of thousands of sites reveals a world of possibilities for you to exploit as you see fit. We do the work for you, leaving it under your control.

Our targeting solutions allow to address audiences predisposed to buying your product, transforming leads into buyers with several methods:


Speak to your audience in any corner of the world down to city level.


Grab the attention of audiences that have shown interest in fields relevant to your product by targeting related resources and interest groups.


Target users based on their device up to a specific model.


Desktop and Mobile + In–app

Ad types

  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll
Ads shown before the video content, most effective for brand association and favorability.

Fraud Protection

We guarantee the safety of your brand and investment via full transparency in our practices and prevention algorithms.