Track smart

Track all your ads in one place

We’ve built a high-level tracking technology to let you manage all your ad campaigns in one place. It’s a universal solution for advertisers, publishers, and media buy teams, who deal with performance, mobile and video marketing. GDM core provides real-time statistics and in-depth analytics, which can be easily accessed through the intuitive client interface. The dashboard is stuffed with many efficient tools, such as SDK, native API, JS scripts, smart link, and more, which enable optimization, integration, and full traffic monetization.


  • KPI-based Data Analysis

    Integrate specific user events into reporting to track and improve metrics relevant to your business goals

  • Algorithmic Optimization

    Machine-learning algorithms built up on years of campaign data will take care of adjustments for you. All runtime metrics are constantly monitored to carry out necessary changes immediately

  • Freedom of Format

    GDM Core supports the majority of devices, channels, and ad formats on today’s market. Our services are available for online marketers worldwide, regardless of specialization

  • Seamless Acquisition

    Connect with your audience in appropriate context to make their experience pleasant and natural. Organic targeting allows reaching users in a setting that fits your narrative, assuring that your message is conveyed to receptive prospects

Technical Partners

  • kochava
  • Tune
  • adjust
  • AppsFlyer
  • Apsalar