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Generate revenue by providing a better mobile experience

We use the latest up to date mobile advertising technology to make it possible for publishers to monetize their inventory to full extent, while optimizing the process automatically.

  • Complete monetization

    Profit from 100% of your traffic. With global filler campaigns for remnant traffic, we make sure every last bit your traffic generates revenue.

  • User acquisition

    Lifetime value customer acquisition is the core objective that ensures an app’s success. You are guaranteed to get quality mobile-web and in-app traffic from reputable publishers.

  • Easyintegration

    Integrate via API, JavaScript or Smartlink, with our tech support on hand to assist in any part of the process.

  • Flexible formats

    Ads come in all shapes and sizes to make your promotion as seamless and organic to user experience as possible.

  • App boost

    We know exactly how to bring your application in front of a relevant audience. Your brand’s constant presence in app store categories ensures a powerful organic jumpstart of engaged users, that allows scaling your business further.

  • Technology powerhouse

    Optimization and analytics unified across devices and media channels will help you reach the right audience, engage them on a deeper level, and monetize the traffic

Discover infusive ads with our native platform — Appstellar

Take full advantage of infusive advertisement. Our approach seamlessly integrates with app navigation, topping it off and creating a flowing user experience, instead of confusing potential customers.

Our native ads integrate smoothly into the user’s journey. They allow attracting pre-engaged audiences with highly targeted acquisition campaigns, making sure the quality of users meets all of the client’s KPIs.

  • Transparent
    and brand-safe
  • 1000+ direct advertisers
  • Seamless native
    ad placements
  • Variety
    of ad formats
  • 100% fill rate
  • Advanced behavioral


  • 1B clicks
  • 1M installs delivered monthly
  • 10TB user profiles
  • 500M user profiles

Supercharge your mobile revenue!